What it really means to live your dream

Since I left Germany and traveled through Africa, my life has changed fundamentally. I’ve totally arrived at myself – and I can keep it. Even if life continues with all its facets on the outside. And it does, even here in the Cape. But I don’t get upset about anything anymore, I’ve come to rest, more relaxed, more satisfied, much more balanced and fulfilled.

The changes in my life

This inner peace and balance have had a lasting influence on my life. I have more energy and time for what is important to me personally: getting to know people of all stripes, building my business in a relaxed way, sharing my experiences, continuing my education and giving more and more people the chance to come into their own power. I am actually living my dream. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize: IT’S NO LONGER A DREAM – IT’S REAL!

Dreams as a signpost for the soul

The fact is: Everyone has dreams – and everyone dreams of different things. Often for years, only in the head, as an escape from the monotonous everyday life. Today I know that dreams and longings are signposts of the soul. They show you deficits, things that are important to you, but that you deny yourself for some reason. And believe me: This is completely normal!

My Journey – Ups and Downs

It was also a journey with many ups and downs for me. How often have I been “close”, but fears, doubts, security thinking and comfort have held me back. The years passed without me really perceiving my longings and taking them seriously. Until I had the courage to actually tackle my “long forgotten dream”. And now this longing has found its final destination here at the Cape. Which was never planned, but turned out very coherently. I just feel very comfortable here (sorry…).

The decisive moment

When I am asked: “Conny, what was your game changer?” I can only say: “It was not, as expected, the opportunity from the outside. It was the deep realization that I had to decide and do it – otherwise nothing would change. Stand by yourself, let your desires speak to you – and be ready to jump when the chance arises.”

Courage and strategic action

It takes courage, yes. But an individual lifestyle always requires a lot of courage. But it’s worth it, because it’s infinitely liberating! You don’t have to chase blindly. You can – and should – approach it very maturely and strategically.

An honest conclusion

However, I have to tell you one more thing: Living the dream is not always easy. Sometimes even more difficult than the old life. But it’s more fulfilling!

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From the life of a digital nomad

The initial euphoria has evaporated. Traveling, living out of two suitcases and living in cheap Airbnbs loses a little of its romance. I’ve settled into my everyday life, which doesn’t necessarily look that different from Germany. Work, post, win clients, coach, pay bills… None of that has changed.

Since 16.4. I’m back in Cape Town – and it’s winter now. Around 15-19 degrees, a lot of fog from the Atlantic, no heating in the apartment – as is the case in southern countries – this is the normal everyday life in the life of a digital nomad.

I have a guilty conscience: I wanted to send out a newsletter every two weeks. But I can’t think of anything to write about. Because – what should I tell if there is nothing exciting to report? Do you really want to hear what you all know from Germany?

On top of that, the flu grabs me. Quite violently, in fact. I lie flat, nothing works for almost three weeks – everything is like in Germany… In between, there is a real moral slump: What am I actually doing here, was it worth it? I wanted to travel and now I’m stuck here, too tired to pack my bags again and move on… Is that why I’m here…? What was I actually looking for?


Nevertheless, everything feels a little easier here in Cape Town. Even if it is a foreign country. I don’t know exactly why it is. Is it the appeal of the new that simply makes me more alive? The openness of the people? The sun? The variety?

I don’t know exactly. I only know that I have become at home here. It only took 4 months, and I feel more rooted here than in Munich after over 30 years.

That’s why I decided – and this is really new now: I’ll stay here. I will settle down in Cape Town. In October I will set up my home base here and continue to explore the world from here. And until then, there is still a lot to do.

It feels good, exciting-unexcited, inspiring. Consistent. Simply according to a good plan. A feasible new phase of life. After having arrived.

Fuck the world trip…

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After the dream is before the dream!

Great experiences bring deep insights. That’s how I always felt when I came back from a challenging adventure tour. Be it cycling to Moscow, my crossings of the Alps, my desert hikes or now that I’ve been back from the desert elephants.

But this time something is completely different: These extreme tours no longer appeal to me. I’m satiated!

Something has changed.

I actually found the answer to what I was looking for “out there” in my life. “Outside” I felt very close to myself. Strong and vulnerable at the same time. Because in nature you are vulnerable. But also very authentic. Approachable and honest.

Living your dream doesn’t mean that everything falls to you and becomes very easy. Living your dream brings you close to your essence, to your core. You give up things, comforts for it, and gain other things. Extremely enriching, deep encounters and experiences.

This is how you come to yourself, and there is your inner peace and your true power. Because allowing your dreams and facing them has great power.

Today, I can distinguish very well who is really living their dream – and who is just talking about it. You can feel it in their clarity, gratitude and humility. They took their longing seriously and simply looked for “it”. They didn’t give up until they found “it.”

And I found everything I could find on my extreme adventure trips. Somehow, all of a sudden, it was over!

Now it’s time for new goals that I want to tackle. I want to travel further, get to know people and countries, continue to grow my business, support many more people in giving themselves this freedom and living their best life. But I don’t do anything extreme anymore. I’m satiated. By the way, it is a very nice, peaceful feeling to have arrived like this…

If you have the feeling that “something is still missing in your life”, let me tell you: You are in good company. I like people who are searching, who are up to something, who are not satisfied too quickly – who want more than mediocrity – and I love helping them break through.

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As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/Namibia

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaElephant- Adventure in Namibia: As a volunteer in the stony desert of Damaraland, I helped to build a safety wall that protects a small farm’s water reserves against the last wild elephants.

We – four volunteers and three Namibians – carried stones every day, mixed cement, slept on the floor in the dirt and sweated like savages (it was more than 40 degrees and there was hardly any shade…), poured seven liters of water into ourselves every day (I felt like an elephant myself…), without network reception and a shower, rediscovered the deliciousness of a cold coke, cooked on the campfire and experienced a brilliant starry sky at night. Not to mention the bush toilet, from which you had a phenomenal view of the endless expanse…

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaWhat inspired me was the naturalness with which everyone pitched in and gave their best, whether it was me, at 58 years the oldest or the youngest, Lukas, who was just 17 years old: Everything was handemade!

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaThe stones were collected by hand and piled up at the construction site, the cement was mixed in wheelbarrows using biceps-power – this was the most brutal work, by the way – and then the wall was erected in teamwork. One handed cement, another stacked the stones on top of each other. Sometimes I felt like I was doing real slave labor. Then I remembered that there really were people who had to do something like this as slaves – and not just for a week, like us, but for a lifetime.

You will be rewarded every day with the radiant, completely genuine smile of Namibians who live completely in the moment, simply enjoy everything they do, are grateful and make you see life in the same uncomplicated and fundamentally positive way they do.

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaAh, and when at the end of a week like this you stand in front of the wall that you created with your own hands and a colorful team of volunteers – it gives you a real feeling of happiness. What’s more, these walls are truly built to last. In this way, you actually leave a piece of yourself on site that is meaningful, that protects people like elephants, and that gives real satisfaction!

I have often been asked how I came up with the idea of working for EHRA as a volunteer. Well, there were several reasons: On the one hand, years ago I met a lot of volunteers in South Africa and also in Nairobi who were involved in charity projects. They all had a completely different contentness than the usual backpackers or tourists. They seemed completely satisfied, for they had completely different experiences to report; after all, they had come into contact with the country and the people in such a completely different way. That inspired me.

And then, there was the consideration of how I could be in nature without booking one of the usual safaris. Please, don’t get me wrong! I visited the Serengeti back in a time when there were very few vehicles around a lion and you had some animals to yourself. That was a long time ago and I suspect that you don’t find that anywhere in national parks today. But I wanted to keep that memory. So I had to find something that is “off the beaten track”.

And so it became EHRA and the elephant project – and I haven’t regretted it for one day!

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaThat is, because after the drudgery came the reward: We were allowed to go on patrol with the rangers for a week to track the wild elephants. And that was exactly to my taste: these consummate professionals know exactly where to look, they know the animals by name and their habits. So we saw a herd of 17 animals (alone – no other vehicle) splashing around at a waterhole, and were enlightened about the social conditions of these incredible animals: Who is in charge (matriachat :-)), how to read and interpret their tracks, how to determine the age of the animals, how to recognize an elephant pregnancy, and and and.

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaThe highlight was of course the two baby elephants, one only one month old. The name can be chosen by the one who sees the animal for the first time. That’s how the little elephant lady is called Mimi now 🙂

Mimi was to too cute to be true! She was just learning to use her trunk, and was superexciting about that. She was constantly stepping on it or groping next to it – just wonderful to watch. And how curious she was – she even tried to run towards our car, which of course the mom wanted to prevent…

I can only recommend everyone to spend a little time learning about the habits of the wild animals before going into the bush. Our patrols were about nothing more than making sure that the animals keep their ferocity as much and as long as possible, what means: not to get used to humans. Unfortunately, out there we do a lot of things wrong… We drive too close to them, park in their way, provoke with loud noises or bright colors… all things that disturb and change the natural behavior of the animals. So naturally you shouldn’t be surprised if they raid farms and plunder the water supplies. And that ultimately leads to them being shot down. Not a nice game. We can achieve a lot here with knowledge, respect, renunciation of super cool close-ups with the mobile phone (or you just take your heavy camera equipment with you…) and awareness, as by the way everywhere in nature…

As a volunteer with the desert elephants in Damaraland/NamibiaAs you can see, I’m completely thrilled! And if you – yes YOU – feel the desire to REALLY experience elephants in their natural habitat once in your life, I strongly recommend the project of EHRA!

I can already promise: You won’t regret it if you are looking for something true and original in Namibia!

Links: Ehra

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A true story…

My friend Sabine has pancreatic cancer. We’ve known each other for 38 years, and she used to be the one who consistently did HER STUFF. I learned a lot from her concerning: “I make sure I’m doing well.” Traveling was both of our thing. We had already planned a trip around the world when we were students and I can still see the face of the lady in the travel agency when we presented her with our ingenious itinerary… 😊

At some point, Sabine went through a long phase of “I’ll do it all if…” And “you can’t do that now, you don’t understand it”… She had chosen a different life and was super consistent in it. It is certainly not for me to question her decision or to point fingers. Nevertheless: I deeply feel for her and I dont even want to imagine how she feels when she sees my pictures from South Africa or Namibia…

I don’t want to scare anyone. But it’s not always just “the others” who are affected.

I just wish everyone who feels addressed that they don’t wait too long to take their inner voice seriously. And today I am more convinced than ever that everyone knows deep down what they want. Sometimes it’s buried deep down and there are a lot of “YES BUTs” covering it … pain, fears, doubts… But honestly, folks, none of this is a reason NOT to do it. I’m also terrified of snakes and I’m still going to the desert!

I truly wish that the people who know me will find the courage to face their dreams. No matter what the circumstances are. There are always ways. Paths between black and white that open up when you open yourself. I believe in this because I have experienced it myself and continue to experience it.

If you want to know how I managed to go from “broke and frustrated by Covid” to “I’m living my dream and traveling the world as an entrepreneur with a 6-figure annual income” in two years, then I invite you to my free masterclass. You will learn about the challenges I had to overcome and which skills helped me the most. I’ll reveal one of these skills this evening. You will immediately see the benefits, you can practice them – and when you apply them in your life, you will notice that you are making a realy difference.

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Between Worlds

I wait for the TK 45 – call to Istanbul and review the last few days.

Because in these last few days, a surprising amount went wrong: Overnight I left my handbag with wallet, passport, mobile phone and everything else that is important in the car on the passenger side. In the morning, the mega shock: Phew, nothing happens! Read more

In conversation with author coach Ulrike Luckmann on the topic: “How the dream of your own book changes your life”

In conversation with author coach Ulrike Luckmann on the topic: "How the dream of your own book changes your life"Today I’m beating the drum for
Ulrike Luckmann
and her new podcast:

How the dream of having your own book changes your life.

Because I was given the opportunity to present my novel and my heartfelt mission here – and I would like to thank you VERY MUCH for that!

Why is that so special?

With my business and coaching approach, I stand for using meaningfulness, satisfaction, dreams and visions as drivers and motivators – and I know that although these basic human needs have now arrived in the economy, they are still only seen as “nice to have” and “add ons”.

They are the first to fall behind when there are bottlenecks. Then, out of old habit, we will once again decide according to market-economy criteria – and NOT from the high vantage point of meaningfulness.

I am all the more pleased that my holistic approach of “being professionally successful with a sense of purpose and self-realization” has long motivated countless people to stay true to themselves and do things “differently”.

So, for those of you who need a shot of inspiration, who feel that “SOMETHING” is missing – and maybe can’t quite put your finger on WHAT it is:

I wish you many valuable insights and the courage to simply get to work: https://www.ulrikeluckmann.com/podcast-page-3/

When it comes to books – best with author coach and book marketing expert
Ulrike Luckmann

Order the book Isaya’s Eyes: https://www.amazon.de/Isayas-Augen-jenseits-Religion-Esoterik/dp/B0BHQW77FH/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

More about the association: https://conny-schumacher.de/charity or https://isayaseyes.com

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What if it… in your life?

Dear friends,

I have already written to many of you with my interview request – whether and where you find yourself somewhere in your life, professionally or privately, in a loop from which you cannot find your way out despite all your efforts. And many, VERY many have come forward and talked to me VERY honestly about what is burning under your nails.


Today I would like to give you a brief update on what has resulted from this – because if you take the time, you also want it to be valuable:

In addition to many personal AHA experiences on both sides!!, incredibly nice human contacts and some exciting collaborations, a column in the PERSONAL INTERN has emerged: For several months now, we have been publishing the questions of my interview, the results of the interviews AND their interpretation.

The column is very well received, which shows me that the results I present do not – and I suspected this – confirm what we always THOUGHT were the problems – but give a much deeper insight. So I would almost like to go out on a limb to say: The survey results are quite relevant to socio-political issues!

Curious to read them?

Here is the link to it: https://www.personalintern.de/artikel/selbstverwirklichung-nur-als-selbstaendige-2

And since my interviews have proven to be so valuable, I decided to continue them! This means: THE PROMOTION WILL BE EXTENDED!

So the many of you who may have slipped through my invitation, or whom I have not yet invited, have the chance to participate again.

Again: Nothing is sold – it’s all anonymous and as a thank you for your 30 minutes of time, I’ll also give you 30 minutes of my time and coach you for free on a topic of your choice – so WIN-WIN for everyone.

PS: To get to know me, there is a little invitation video HERE… ?

You can find the link to participate on my website http://conny-schumacher.de. Just go to GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER FOR FREE and book an appointment.

There are some questions to answer so that I can tune in to you.

Curious? Then I say THANK YOU for participating!

Best wishes

Yours, Conny Schumacher