After the dream is before the dream!

After the dream is before the dream!

Great experiences bring deep insights. That’s how I always felt when I came back from a challenging adventure tour. Be it cycling to Moscow, my crossings of the Alps, my desert hikes or now that I’ve been back from the desert elephants.

But this time something is completely different: These extreme tours no longer appeal to me. I’m satiated!

Something has changed.

I actually found the answer to what I was looking for “out there” in my life. “Outside” I felt very close to myself. Strong and vulnerable at the same time. Because in nature you are vulnerable. But also very authentic. Approachable and honest.

Living your dream doesn’t mean that everything falls to you and becomes very easy. Living your dream brings you close to your essence, to your core. You give up things, comforts for it, and gain other things. Extremely enriching, deep encounters and experiences.

This is how you come to yourself, and there is your inner peace and your true power. Because allowing your dreams and facing them has great power.

Today, I can distinguish very well who is really living their dream – and who is just talking about it. You can feel it in their clarity, gratitude and humility. They took their longing seriously and simply looked for “it”. They didn’t give up until they found “it.”

And I found everything I could find on my extreme adventure trips. Somehow, all of a sudden, it was over!

Now it’s time for new goals that I want to tackle. I want to travel further, get to know people and countries, continue to grow my business, support many more people in giving themselves this freedom and living their best life. But I don’t do anything extreme anymore. I’m satiated. By the way, it is a very nice, peaceful feeling to have arrived like this…

If you have the feeling that “something is still missing in your life”, let me tell you: You are in good company. I like people who are searching, who are up to something, who are not satisfied too quickly – who want more than mediocrity – and I love helping them break through.

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