Please don't wait too long to pursue your dreams!

Please don’t wait too long to pursue your dreams!

My friend Yvonne had pancreatic cancer. We’ve known each other for 38 years and she used to be the one who consistently did HER THING. I learned a lot from her concerning: “I make sure I’m doing well.”

Travelling, that was both of our thing. We had already planned a trip around the world when we were students and I can still see the face of the lady in the travel agency when we presented her with our elaborate itinerary… 😊

At some point, Yvonne went through a phase of “not now, later again, if” “that doesn’t work now, you don’t understand it”…

And now… I come back from the desert, full of impressions and learn that she died on Easter Monday. I’m really totally shocked.

I’ve been thinking about posting this for a long time – but I know Yvonne would want it that way. Her last words to me were: “Live your life”.

I really don’t want to scare anyone. But it doesn’t always affect “the others” – and today I am more convinced than ever that everyone knows deep down what they want. Sometimes it’s buried and there are a lot of “YES, BUT’s” over it: pain, guilt, fears, doubts…

I hope that the people who know me will find the courage to tackle these dreams. No matter what the circumstances are! Because there are always paths between black and white that open up when you open yourself.

By the way, I don’t promise you a quick transformation. I trust much more in a healthy, broad foundation of deep insights, transformative insights and effective skills that brings you stably into your inner power. You go from being a plaything to a creator and that gives you a lot of freedom of action and the leeway to deal calmly with life’s challenges. Because where the basis is right, there is no limit to the variety of developments.

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