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Success Skill No. 1: The Power of Thoughts – and the difference this skill can make to your success

I talk a lot about mindset and skills, about life and basic principles that can make one, if not THE decisive difference. They are often underrated, difficult to learn, and do not replace strategy or technique – but they are secret weapons in dealing with success.

If you know it and use it for yourself, you won’t want to miss it. And that’s exactly what I try to achieve through my coaching. To illustrate the benefits, today I publish a story from the category SUCCESS STORIES OF MY CLIENTS – and this story really happened! I only changed the lady’s name for reasons of discretion.

Sabine is the manager of a large craft business. Their annual target is 4.5 million euros – and at the beginning of December, 350,000 euros are still missing. She is already very satisfied. “Oh, that’s fine,” she says during the coaching.

But I know what such statements do to us: If we don’t take our own projects seriously, we lose confidence in ourselves. Then it no longer makes sense to set a goal. And a well-chosen goal setting is one of the most effective tools when it comes to growth of any kind.

So I told her that I, as her coach, don’t let it stand. That we don’t lose sight of the goal now. We run to the finish line full of energy and don’t think about which place will come out of it. We don’t drop out before we think we can’t win anyway. Otherwise, we’ve already lost.

It’s enough to just keep at it. Keeping the energy high. She allows herself to be convinced, motivates her team and asks everyone to think about how the missing €350,000 could be mobilized.

And guess what: they have achieved their goal. In December, a few smaller orders actually came in. Sabine could hardly believe it.

Such experiences change three things:

  1. When you have overcome such a hurdle, you no longer believe in the power of thought – YOU KNOW IT! – and you can use them for yourself.
  2. You experience a jolt in terms of “commitment”. Taking yourself and your plans seriously becomes a priority – because NOT doing it has a high price!
  3. With such successes behind them, you can push boundaries and tackle bigger tasks with confidence. The key to growth!

Notice: It’s not the size of the task. It’s not just the technique or strategy, either. Both have to be right. But in the end, your mindset, your ability to keep the energy high, decides whether you achieve your goal – or not.

If you have something in mind and doubt whether you can achieve it – then let’s talk. I am an expert in KEEPING ENERGY UP… 😊

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