Parallels between Germany and South Africa

Yesterday I was in the ambulance in Paarl near Cape Town because of severe cramps and headaches. They look their time to make a complete diagnosis, including blood counts and X-rays. Afterwards I was treated and nursed back to health.

I had more than enough time to see how a hospital works in Africa. And I was mre than amazed!

Black and white work hand in hand in a wonderfully relaxed way. Unagitated, competent, effective and extremely friendly – with each other and with the patients. By the way, they were also of all stripes…

Since I was in the hospital a lot in Germany in October to visit my elderly mother, I can compare well.

And I’m going out on a limb when I say that South Africa has done everything right. Nelson Mandela’s vision after apartheid is working. Yes, it takes a generation or two to “tighten the belt”, but the collective wins. Or won.

Here in South Africa, you can see that. If you want to see the big picture. And not just small stages or your own advantage in mind.

When I compare this with Germany, it makes me sad. Because our starting conditions are so much better than here. But here there is a spirit of optimism, while in Germany everyone is once again passing the buck to each other and blocking each other.

Is it a question of mentality? Arrogance? Or is it simply that we don’t want to realize that the upheaval has long since taken place and that if we continue like this, we will come out as real losers?

The AfD is not a solution. We need to join forces. Stop blocking each other to win votes.
And yes, I think maybe we have to accept that we have to go through hard times for a few years. With a determined view of the future.

Many countries have shown that such caesuras, although sometimes unpleasant, make them competitive and livable again in the long term.

For such insights, I highly recommend a visit to a South African hospital…

Yes, I am a visionary. Its my talent and my mission. I always see the big picture. I watch, digest and come up with solutions to go for the big , the REAL thing. That´s the way I build my life and my business – and that´s the way I coach… 🙂

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