### Surprising strategy for success: "Expand your comfort zone" instead of "leave your comfort zone"

### Surprising strategy for success: “Expand your comfort zone” instead of “leave your comfort zone”

Have you often heard that you have to leave your comfort zone to really live? I felt the same way for years. But a recent conversation has completely changed my perspective.

A friend told me: “Conny, I’ve built up my comfort zone and I’m satisfied. A few things aren’t perfect, but they’re not serious enough to leave.”

This sentence got me thinking. For years, like many other coaches, I have given the advice: “You have to leave your comfort zone to live an exciting life.” I believed that mediocrity is like being buried alive and that real life begins outside the comfort zone. But suddenly I realized how inappropriate this advice often is.

Leaving the familiar comfort zone means questioning everything and giving up things that are precious to us. When someone tells me I have to leave my comfort zone, I feel pressured, misunderstood and devalued. It implies that my life is inadequate and I am missing out on the best. This often leads to resistance – and perhaps I am actually missing out on valuable opportunities as a result.

Instead, we should ask ourselves: **How and where can I optimize?**

It is unwise to throw the tried and tested and familiar overboard. The real question is: which playing field can you add or replace? How do you find and turn the right screws to both preserve the tried and tested and integrate the new? Where could a little shift help you to use your skills better, find new motivation and bring you even more into your power?

It’s about making small adjustments that allow us to reach the next level of satisfaction and fulfillment. These adjustments can help us feel even better, more fulfilled, more satisfied and more “ourselves”.

**What would expand your comfort zone?**

Think about what small but impactful changes you could make to enrich your life and bring you closer to your best self. It’s not about changing everything, but about purposefully and consciously expanding your comfort zone to get more out of your life.

I hope this new approach inspires you as much as it inspires me.

Stay curious, courageous – but above all, stay true to yourself!


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