Between Worlds

Between Worlds

I wait for the TK 45 – call to Istanbul and review the last few days.

Because in these last few days, a surprising amount went wrong: Overnight I left my handbag with wallet, passport, mobile phone and everything else that is important in the car on the passenger side. In the morning, the mega shock: Phew, nothing happens!

Then at noon, in the middle of Cape Town, the next faux pas: This time I leave the wallet openly visible on the DRIVER’S SEAT. It doesn’t get any dumber than that…

In the evening, I want to pay my bill with my driver’s license in the restaurant and have also miscalculated by a mere 100 Rand – I’m starting to get scary in front of myself. But when I drop off an empty car at the airport as a highlight, even though I had entered the gas station into my navigation system, I realize: It was probably all a bit fast and a lot of impressions.

In Cape Town, I was 100% present at every moment, lived with all my senses, ONTIME, as they say. Now that my thoughts are already half in Germany, my attention is waning. COMPLETE OFFTIME! Unplanned and completely surprising. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I was really lucky for that!

My self-chosen reality occupies me. Life between worlds. Not here at home – and not there anymore. The impressions, the time – it all passed much too quickly for the intensity.

That’s how I chose it. My vagabond life. One year in Africa – and then we’ll see. It sounded like mega adventure and freedom. But slowly I realize: You can plan life as you want – the soul has to go with you!

I make a mental knot in my brain: Going on holiday and travelling, living out of a suitcase, sometimes here and there – that’s not the same thing at all. And somehow I think it’s a good thing. Next time I’ll know and I’ll just take more time to prepare myself for the change to the other world again.

For today, the motto is: Be kind to yourself. Apart from an expensive fuel bill, nothing happened!

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