SMALL but OHO when overwhelmed: TURN THE VOLUME DOWN!

SMALL but OHO when overwhelmed: TURN THE VOLUME DOWN!

KDo you feel like everything, just EVERYTHING, is getting over your head? Your calendar is bursting at the seams, you don’t know where your head is anymore, you have 3 training courses at the same time and you still have to give a presentation by tomorrow?

One of my most effective tips to get out of this spiral is the hint: “TURN THE VOLUME DOWN”- and today I want to explain to you what I mean by that:

I see it as a suggestion to think about whether you are BINDING to yourself. If you are – like many – the type who always takes on too much and then doesn’t manage half anyway, then you are ALWAYS panting after it. You take on things that you can’t do – and then cancel again.

It does something to us.

It makes us feel like we can never arrive, that we are never good enough. Not being able to trust us. TO BE UNRELIABLE.

And yes – that’s what we are: If we keep canceling appointments and things, our friends and family will eventually think of us as unreliable. This fuels our guilty conscience. We feel more and more uncomfortable – more and more under pressure, more and more in the feeling that we have to defend ourselves or apologize all the time.


The fact is that very successful people don’t lag behind. They also don’t cancel appointments. They don’t overdo themselves. You are the master of your planning – and not the plaything of planning.

What would you like to be?

Then turn down the speed. TURN THE VOLUME DOWN. Rigorously cross out everything from the calendar that is not absolutely necessary, relaxes you or brings you joy. Delete any newsletters that you won’t be able to read anyway. Cancel any subscriptions you don’t use anyway.

BECOME AWARE OF WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT IT – AND HOW YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME! You will notice how the latent permanent stress subsides when the email inbox is only half as full, there are only “nice” appointments in the calendar, and the bad feeling of “being unreliable” falls away from you.

My recommendation: Use this trick for 30 days. If it works, keep it – if not, just leave it at that.

If you are looking for support with this – contact me. I specialize in bringing calm, meaning and clarity into my clients’ lives – because without it, it is quite impossible to create the life we want.

I hope you enjoy implementing it!

Yours, Conny Schumacher

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