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The 11 life principles of the Isaya – or what the book has to do with my coaching.

The 11 life principles of the Isaya - or what the book has to do with my coaching.“You can get everything you want out of life if you pay attention to a few basic things,” says the wise turtle Isaya to Silvie, a young woman who is desperately searching for the meaning and meaning of her life.

The 11 universal life principles of the Isaya:

1. As on a large scale, so on a small scale. The world works according to certain, very logical principles. To grasp them, use your common sense and curiosity.

2. Everything is connected to everything else. This means that everything you do has an impact on others. Or to put it another way: “What you give comes back to you.” Tit for Tat – simple and predictable. Life is fair and predictable. And life is kind to you. ALWAYS! Either you learn, or you grow. Every thought, every action, every word can either inspire or pull your counterpart down. Have you ever observed how much your behavior affects others?

3. Curiosity connects, values divides. The fact is that everyone acts as they see fit from their point of view. There is no good and evil – there is only “different”. Morality is therefore a bad adviser. Curiosity is better – because if you are curious, you are open, and if you are open, you don’t judge.

4. Balance must always be maintained. If you give a lot, you have to take a lot. If you take a lot, you have to give a lot. If you resist this principle, you lose ground and create resistance. And resistance begets resistance. Inside, as well as outside. A trial of strength ensues with the aim of bringing both sides to an understanding. That’s what we’re growing from. This creates a new balance. Because the truth is always in the middle.

5. Your best advisor is your conscience. You have everything you need in you. Deep down, you know what’s right for you. Use the knowledge of others as inspiration to find your own answers, but in everything you do, never relinquish responsibility for your thoughts and actions out of fear or convenience. Because only if you are truly true to your conscience can you live a happy, fulfilled life.

6. “What you don’t want to be done to you…” Always think with your heart before you act, especially if you don’t understand other people’s behavior.

7. ” Ships were built to sail” – there is a natural power in all of us that drives us to keep evolving. We call it curiosity, passion, the will to succeed – and when we neglect it, we feel a strong longing. Longing for something we miss. Something that we neglect. Something that makes us whole.

8. “When the going gets tough, give it your all”. Life comes in waves, and the cycles of life are part of growth. Accepting this makes you humble and wise. It brings you into your true power and greatness.

9. “The sun is ALWAYS there, even if sometimes you don’t see it.” Instead of succumbing to your sensitivities, it would be good to know what will get you out of a slump quickly.

10. It is not enough to KNOW, we must also understand it. Often, we don’t realize what we’ve done until we’ve done something irretrievably wrong. It’s human to make mistakes. But it is not enough to KNOW that we have done something wrong. Only when we REALIZE what we have done with it can we pull the lever and react differently in the future.

11. Those who have the knowledge not only have the power – but also the responsibility. Get to know your brain well, because it’s your best employee, friend, and advisor. From “Yes but” to “Au YES!!” it is only a small step: Another thought! But what a difference in the result!

Result: “The world is what it is – and when you see it with different eyes, you will realize that it is beautiful in its simplicity.”

There was never any question of being easy.

Your Isaya

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