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Dear friends,

I have already written to many of you with my interview request – whether and where you find yourself somewhere in your life, professionally or privately, in a loop from which you cannot find your way out despite all your efforts. And many, VERY many have come forward and talked to me VERY honestly about what is burning under your nails.


Today I would like to give you a brief update on what has resulted from this – because if you take the time, you also want it to be valuable:

In addition to many personal AHA experiences on both sides!!, incredibly nice human contacts and some exciting collaborations, a column in the PERSONAL INTERN has emerged: For several months now, we have been publishing the questions of my interview, the results of the interviews AND their interpretation.

The column is very well received, which shows me that the results I present do not – and I suspected this – confirm what we always THOUGHT were the problems – but give a much deeper insight. So I would almost like to go out on a limb to say: The survey results are quite relevant to socio-political issues!

Curious to read them?

Here is the link to it:

And since my interviews have proven to be so valuable, I decided to continue them! This means: THE PROMOTION WILL BE EXTENDED!

So the many of you who may have slipped through my invitation, or whom I have not yet invited, have the chance to participate again.

Again: Nothing is sold – it’s all anonymous and as a thank you for your 30 minutes of time, I’ll also give you 30 minutes of my time and coach you for free on a topic of your choice – so WIN-WIN for everyone.

PS: To get to know me, there is a little invitation video HERE… ?

You can find the link to participate on my website Just go to GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER FOR FREE and book an appointment.

There are some questions to answer so that I can tune in to you.

Curious? Then I say THANK YOU for participating!

Best wishes

Yours, Conny Schumacher


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