"Self-realisation only as a self-employed person? Just as employees find fulfillment and satisfaction in their jobs."

“Self-realisation only as a self-employed person? Just as employees find fulfillment and satisfaction in their jobs.”

In the last few weeks I have interviewed about 100 people on the topic: “Ihave already achieved a lot” (according to the motto: I should actually be satisfied…), but I feel stuck and am looking for… new challenges, different solutions, explanations, perspectives – that was up to everyone.

There are such interesting insights into what people are concerned about – and what we THINK are on their minds – that I don’t want to withhold these insights from you.

The result was a lecture entitled: “Self-realisation only as a self-employed person? 3 simple skills on how employees can find fulfillment and satisfaction in their jobs.”, and I’ll go into the following points:

    1. What do you stand for? In the sense of “What are you passionate about? What do you get up for in the morning, what is important to you?”
    2. What’s stressing you out the most right now? What is the effect?
    3. What have you already done to get the problem under control?
    4. What would your life look like if nothing changed in the next 2 years?
    5. If you knew how to do it, what specific results would you like to see?
    6. What would make your life a 10 out of 10

In a small excerpt of my speech, let’s take a closer look at point 1: Why do you think I, as a coach, ask this question? What do I really care about?

I want to find out if you have ever dealt with the question of what would fulfill you and make you happy. Because we are only truly fulfilled and happy when we do something that seems MEANINGFUL to us, something that is worth getting up and trying to do.

There are hundreds of studies on this, I’ll just pick one: It has been proven that people who volunteer are far more satisfied in life than others.

Here comes an important piece of information for you – and it doesn’t matter if you are an employee, manager or entrepreneur looking at this information:

If you DON’T live what is important to you in your life, in your job, or in your family – then you have a problem. Then sooner or later you will get sick, because the balancing act between what you want and what you do is unbearable. That’s one of the reasons why people eventually break out of their marriage or quit their job. So it’s not the manager alone, it’s not the overtime, it’s not the pay alone – it’s just not what we think. We are in the wrong place! Often we have the SKILLS – but not the PASSION – that this job requires.

Is this known? Well, from my point of view, the full extent of the connection is not really known. People, no matter what stage of their career, suffer, try to fit in, are afraid of losing their job, they have no one to talk to neutrally, they feel misunderstood and lonely – and become more and more unhappy, dissatisfied – and thus more unproductive. Loose-loose for everyone!

Back to my survey: My evaluation of question 1 yielded the following values:

* 20% had a clear idea of what was important to them
* 80% not

What group of people do you belong to?

And now I ask you:

If 80% of people have never thought about what is IMPORTANT to them, how are they supposed to find a job that suits them, fulfills them and makes them happy?

80%! Please, I’m not saying this in a judgmental way – it’s just a statement. There are thousands of reasons why this is the case – and none of them will take us any further here. From my day-to-day coaching, I can confirm that most people are NOT aware of who they are, what they can do and what they want – therefore do not HAVE what is important to them – and are accordingly frustrated.

But you know EXACTLY what you DON’T want!

Hmmm – does it make me happy when I know what I don’t want? I’ll leave that open…

This, dear ones, is the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY of each and every one of us on the way to living a more contented, happier life. You can’t blame any company in the world for that!

What I’m trying to say: We need to move towards each other if we want to have happy, fulfilled employees. Employees are just as responsible as employers.

What insight do you take away for yourself and your company – just from this first of 6 questions?

And are you curious about what happens next?

Then here comes an interesting offer for you:

Until the end of May 2023, I am offering this lecture to FIVE companies at half price. I see this offer as a “final test phase” in which I only want to fine-tune individual details and also optimize the time management.

If you want to know what value my presentation brings to your company, just go to my website:

https://conny-schumacher.de/vortraege and let’s talk…

I look forward to your feedback!

Yours, Conny Schumacher

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