"Self-realization on the job: 3 proven skills with which employees also find fulfillment and satisfaction."

Motivation, Kick-Off, Team Building & Leadership

Tense economic situation, overburdened and dissatisfied employees, shortage of skilled workers – there is no end to the bad news at the moment. The old structures no longer work. Money and secure “posts” as motivation have had their day. There is an oversupply of jobs – and employees leave when the manager “doesn’t fit” them.

And then there are companies that are having their most successful years right now. Companies that can pick out the skilled workers, that have close-knit, committed teams and whose sales have doubled.

What do these teams do differently? Or to put it another way: Do we even know what our employees need and want?

Over the past few months, Conny Schumacher has conducted numerous interviews with a wide variety of people – from company owners to executives to “normal” employees – to find out what people really want and where their greatest needs, challenges and dissatisfactions lie.

The result is some highly exciting insights, which she will present in her presentation. And that’s not all: She will go through the interview questions anonymously with your staff, leading your employees to valuable insights.

But that’s not all: it gives 3 valuable and proven suggestions that are easy and immediate for anyone to implement and can get your team in the right mood from scratch. Because remember: A team is not as good as the leader, but as good as everyone together allows it to be!

Look forward to a highly entertaining, interactive lecture with exciting insights and lots of easy-to-implement AHA effects!

Lecture duration between 30 – 90 minutes!

Known from the column of the same name in the trade journal
Personalintern 2023

At a glance:

  • What we think others need – and what they really need
  • What really makes us happy, fulfilled and satisfied
  • Explosive “Opinions”
  • 3 simple and proven skills that could turn any collaboration into a positive and thus become a game changer



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