• Clarity
    • You know there’s more to you than what you’ve been doing?

    • You know all the techniques, strategies and methods to be successful, but SOMETHING is missing?

    • You do lack the bite to really make your dream come true?


    What you will get in these 120 minutes of "Clarity Call":


    Together we explore your dreams, obstacles and personal strategy

    • We take the time to tease out what you really want.
    • You have the peace and space to let your dreams arise, to express them and to unfold with the help of a well-meaning coach.
    • What’s more, we’ll find out what’s stopping you from successfully implementing it and release the handbrake!
    • If you want, I’ll show you how to reach your destination safely.

    As your mentor, I promise you deep insights and real breakthroughs

    My name is Conny Schumacher, I have been working as a trainer, speaker, mentor and coach for more than 25 years.

    In addition to excellent methods and techniques, I have one thing above all: a great perception and pigeonhole-free thinking!

    This means: I am neither a consultant nor a consultant. I am your mirror and your sparring partner. I’m neutral.

    And that’s exactly what gives you the security and the space to find in youself what makes YOU who you are – and happy


    And that’s what makes my feedback so valuable to you:

    • I’m just reproducing what I perceive of you – honestly and well-meaning.
    • I don’t have any shares in your dreams. That’s why I don’t have an opinion or evaluation. I encourage you to think and express your dreams.
    • I believe in you unconditionally and give you theprotected container in which your ideas can unfold – without being immediately talked to death by tips, concepts and experiences.

    Here’s how it works:

    For only €75 you can book
    your appointment directly here and pay online.
    Of course, you will receive an invoice.

    In the event of a subsequent collaboration , this amount will be credited to you.

    Feedback & Feedback:

    “Since I have known you, I dare to dream again, and my life has become much more beautiful, more vibrant, more exciting and richer!”

    Mihaela M., Riejka, Croatia

    “You helped me to feel my inner strength again. A power that I didn’t know about myself for a long time. Our conversation had an impact for a long time and changed a lot. I am so grateful, agitated, liberated to a certain extent, but above all flashed by my true, inner greatness.”

    Gabriele G. Munich

    “At first I was incredibly disappointed, because I had come for clarity for my business. But in the course of the conversation, I understood that it’s not about business, but first of all to regain my strength. When I’m ME again, I can rock my business in a completely different way. I can see that crystal clear in front of me now and I know what I have to do. Thank you for this salutary change of perspective!”

    Verena L., Munich

    “The conversation has a long-lasting effect. Very long. At first, I was really scared of the great vision that was revealed. But slowly I grow into it and accept the challenge. I can’t imagine a life WITHOUT the conviction that I will leave for my dream. It gives me the drive every day to get up and get to work!”

    Martin M., Stuttgart

    I am your mentor:


    “I help high performers who want to take their business, relationships or health to the next level to new clarity, strength, delightful perspectives and real fulfillment.”

    Hey, I’m Conny!

    For almost 30 years, I have been supporting high performers with my tried and tested method: “The Art of Getting, what You Want”,especially high performers who have already achieved a lot, but are stuck somewhere to regain their strength to lead a fulfilled and successful life. Formerly as a personal trainer, today as a master coach!

    My topic is: Go for your dreams!

    As a former athlete, I know many success principles of how athletes achieve their goals. I know how to trim the mindset for success, how to deal with victory and defeat, how to keep the focus despite chaos, and how to create an environment that supports instead of drains. These years of experience, in combination with ethics, philosophy, brain and consciousness research, is the foundation of my work. So it’s not so much about brutally realizing one’s goals, but about being respectful and stepping on the toes of others as little as possible.

    Walk the talk

    In 2024, I finally followed up my motto Go for your dreams with deeds and gave up my life in Munich. Since then, I have been travelling the world with my heart project – financing an education for women in developing countries to give them the chance to lead a self-determined life – and have been a sought-after coach, lecturer and discussion partner in many countries.

    I’m looking forward to our conversation!




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