What Skills we know that REALLY make a difference - worldwide

Week two in Capetown was also peppered with experiences and exciting encounters.

I found one conversation particularly enriching:

A wonderful woman, she had the worst possible conditions (she was still a child in apartheid, grew up in Durban in the township and later became a single mother), really made an enormous career in South Africa. I mean REALLY!

I was especially impressed by the way she talked about everything: grateful, respectful, full of appreciation. She just didn’t allow herself to fall into a victim role. She wanted a better life for herself and her son.

When I asked her how she managed not to get hard and bitter, she said clearly: “That was a decision”.

What a brave decision – and how life has rewarded it! She has made it and seems grateful, satisfied and happy. Really happy. You just feel good around her!

We agreed that there are certain skills that make the difference for women on the career ladder. And they have nothing to do with assertiveness – which is what we like to think.

It takes much more for us women: humanity, empathy, real personal responsibility and the real game changer is to control one’s own moods and “be in service to others”.

Skills that – and I am very pleased about this – make the difference for women worldwide.

For years, my coaching approach has gone beyond pure knowledge and professional experience. It’s about these special skills that I’ve learned through a lot of research, learning and discipline. Skills that make the difference for my clients. In coaching and in their own lives.

I call it “the art of getting what you want” – and by “art” I mean going out of all situations in such a way that there are no losers, but all the people involved come into their greatness.

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